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narrative editing

(no oceans. no air. no life)


I wrote and animated the copy for this

promo with Adidas and Greenmatters.

Lead editor on this high intensity short film. Mimicking the style of one of my favorite directors, Aaron Sorkin.

yoga skate-optimize.gif

(yoga skateboard)

I had a ton of fun working on this special project with Chase Sapphire and Thrillist. Branded content at it's finest.


(hot tub boat)


Pumpkin pie, pumpkin slingshot, pumpkin boat-racing, everything pumpkin. It only get's weirder, check it out.

I enjoy unique ideas.  This company based out of seattle offers a timeless experience you won't want to miss.


(red rocks)

Beautiful footage, badass rock climber! I had a blast working on this one with Thrillist and Acura.

sarah healthline-optimize.gif


(baby cry case study)

(sarah's story)

I take on hard stories that deliver powerful messages. Sarah's story about her fight with metastatic breast cancer is nothing short of a miracle.

I edited this spot for Hiscox insurance, packing a lot of story in :30 seconds.

I'm also into emotional gushy stuff. Can you blame me? Teaming up with Johnson & Johnson, this case study is sure to turn heads.

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